Discover the Pleasure Derived from Flower Paintings

Discover the Pleasure Derived from Flower Paintings

When we paint, we release some sort of energy within ourselves, we express our emotions and we share with other people how we perceive life as we see it with our own eyes. Also, paintings doesn’t have to be exclusively enjoyed by the artists when we paint them, but more so, paintings are for the people who see them, to appreciate them and to understand the beauty of what surrounds us.

Usually, when painters create their works of art, they get their inspiration from what they see, be it people, landscapes, trees, animals, flowers and almost anything there is that we see, and some times, what we don’t see. Generally, painters see the beauty of nature and transfer this unto a canvas or any other medium.

For those who love flower paintings, you are in luck because many artists choose this theme for their works of art. Still life and flower paintings are very popular themes and many homes have these types of painting inside. In fact, you will be able to choose numerous types of flora and find that there are paintings done about them already, albeit in different styles and moods, some can be bright and happy while some can be dark and droopy, this all depends on what the artist wants to convey.

Aside from just an appreciative audience for flower paintings, all aspiring artists can use flowers as the themes of their first paintings. The great thing about choosing flowers as your theme is it would be hard to run out of subjects. With so many types of flora available, you can do a variety of flower paintings. In fact, with the orchid alone, you can choose from the many types of orchids there are.

Also, flowers are very colorful so that means you can have a very vibrant looking work of art. What you need to understand is that painting flowers may seem very simple, but to make them look utterly magnificent, you need to learn how to play with your curves and lines to make them look vibrant and real. Play with the lighting as well so you can create a flower painting that seems like you could already smell the flower.

If you want to learn how to paint flowers with the greatest of ease, there are many books and DVD’s that you can refer to and discover the secrets in creating realistic looking flowers. If you want, you can also join art classes in your local area. If not, there are online art schools that can help you discover the fun world of flower painting.

But why flowers? Each delicate curve, line, shape and color that goes into flowers is a challenge in itself. Nature has made the flowers to provide it with color in a natural way. Men have always been fascinated with flowers and this is evident in many homes as there is usually an image or two found inside of them.

Sure photographs can be blown up and framed and can give a more realistic feel, but there’s just something about flower paintings that can never be captured by the lens.  Also, if you painted the flower yourself, you will derive a lot of satisfaction knowing that you have created your own personal masterpiece.

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